WANGYOU TWR lotus tongue drum (15notes 14") , carbon steel
WANGYOU TWR lotus tongue drum (15notes 14") , carbon steel

#F3 G3 A3 B3 #C4 D4 E4 #F4 G4 A4 B4 #C5 D5 E5 #F5.

More transparent timbre Slightly longer bass and midrange sustain
Shorter low frequencies and louder volume.

HLURU engineers used a new type of carbon steel, characterized by a long, loud sound, compared to high-end titanium steel, its disadvantages are poor timbre permeability, light mixing. And it has a wide vocal range, spanning two octaves, which allows it to play a lot of songs.
Patent Certificate
The great brand of Hluru musical instrument——Huashu Lotus Drum
Huashu lotus drum series, a free brand of Shenzhen Luru musical instrument Co., Ltd., adopts brand-new carbon steel specially customized from the steel factory. The carbon content is customized based on the carbon content of the original high-end carbon steel of Hluru brand, the proportion is very stable, and there is no "iron knocking sound". At the same time, the problems of rust and sound have been solved. The introduction of new technology will greatly improve the quality of Huashu brand steel drum and your playing experience.

The characteristic of wood and timbre

It is made of copper containing steel with corrosion resistance. It is small and exquisite appearance, and easy to carry and play. Without music theory knowledge, you can also tap the rhythm to purify the soul with pure sound.
Recommended for people

This steel tongue drum is the best choice for beginner players. Class C rigid titanium alloy has pure and ethereal sound. Beginners can easily play in ten minutes by using scale stickers and teaching materials.

Series description

More professional scale design
"Z" notation is widely suitable for 11 / 13 tones. The middle tone and high tone are sorted according to the ascending steps of the right and left steps. It is very suitable for people without music theory knowledge.
International intonation standard·No more than plus or minus five tones,If the sound score display is not within plus or minus 5, it does not belong to the intonation range of professional musical instruments.
Adopted washable outdoor paint
Gross Weight

Inner Box Size

Outer Box Size
(3 pcs per carton)


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