National Musical Instrument-Ethereal Drum Patent



The patent is certified by the State Intellectual Property Office and is subject to the protection of property rights. Product patents are the embodiment of brand culture and professional standards. Whether it is product design or brand logo, Luru Musical Instruments has its own copyright certificate.

The ethereal drum is one of the patented property rights of Luru Musical Instruments. This musical instrument has not only been certified by the China Intellectual Property Office, but also protected by patent property rights in the European Union, the United States, Australia and other places.


In terms of the appearance of the ethereal drum, its design is unique. The instrument draws on the physical principles of the steel tongue drum, combines the theory of chimes during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, continuously polishes the details, and conducts careful research, and finally developed it.

From the appearance point of view, the surface is exquisite, and the touch of the drum surface is also extremely smooth, which is the result of continuous grinding. The carving of the tongue on the drum surface has been continuously improved by senior tuner, and finally designed a reasonable thickness and position of the tongue.

The appearance design of the empty drum not only guarantees the beautiful appearance of the drum head but also shows a good sound effect. Its appearance design has been granted a patent by the State Intellectual Property Office and registered in the national patent register, becoming a unique patent for its products. privilege.


Secondly, in terms of material, the ethereal drum uses high-end materials such as carbon steel, pure copper, and steel-titanium alloy as the main product, giving the instrument a diversified tone and playing touch.

The high-end material makes the tone, performance and appearance of the ethereal drum more superior. It presents an ethereal and clear sound during performance, which makes people calm and never forget.


The design of the product logo is to allow consumers to have a deeper awareness of the brand, and it is also an important sign to distinguish it from other brands. It can be said that the design of the ethereal drum logo is the soul of Luru musical instruments. The design highlights the brand's production philosophy and ingenuity and has become one of its important cultural characteristics.

While achieving the exquisite appearance, the logo design is also unique, and it is a kind of cultural heritage. The ethereal drum logo design has been protected by national product patent certification and belongs to the category of intellectual property protection.


In addition, in the United States, Australia and other places, Luru musical instruments have also obtained patents related to the property rights of ethereal drums. It is understood that a total of 45 related patent certificates have been certified.

It can be seen that the intellectual property rights of Luru musical instruments are already ahead of other brands. While ensuring the interests of consumers, it also demonstrates the professional production level of Luru musical instruments and repays consumers’ trust with actions. And support.


Property rights patents are the display of a brand's research and development capabilities and morphological consciousness. The more patents it owns, the higher the recognition and support of its users, and the higher the attention and development potential it receives.

This is not only a guarantee for consumers, but also the best way for a brand to guarantee the quality of its products. Only under this premise can its brand develop better and better.


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