What is the difference between hand disc and ethereal drum? Which

Knowledge of Ethereal Drums∣ Ethereal drums and hand discs. If you watch TV frequently, you must know your opponents discs, because in the TV series Mr. Hong Lei Sun has used hand discs to play. I don’t know if you have any impressions. As for the ethereal drum, you may not be so familiar with it, but I believe most people have also heard about the music of the ethereal drum, the ethereal sound with its unique charm.

What is the difference between a hand dish and an ethereal drum?

Speaking of this instrument, in fact, everyone may only know that he appeared in Mr. Good, but the origin of this instrument is not China but Switzerland. It was created by Philip Horner and Sabine. Na Xie Lei was jointly developed by the two. To put it simply, this instrument has only been in existence for only 21 years. The ethereal drum is a musical instrument that originated in the earliest Shang and Zhou dynasties and evolved according to the laws and beating methods of bronze bells.

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In addition to the different origins, the way of playing Luru's hand discs and the principle of generating musical sound are actually different. The way of playing hand discs is basically percussion by hand, and then start to sound, and the words of ethereal drums can also be said. Play with your hands, but relatively speaking, the ethereal drum is more suitable for percussion with drumsticks.

In addition, the sounding principle of the hand disc is based on the Helmholtz resonator principle, and the sounding principle of the ethereal drum is the sound caused by the resonance in the cavity and the external stimulus. So in fact, what you sometimes hear is the same as The lyrics you think of are different.

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Which tone is best to buy an ethereal drum?

In fact, you can buy a few empty drums based on your own situation. If you like more sounds, you can buy more pianos. If you don’t like it, you can buy less tongue. The ethereal drum range currently in the market is generally in the form of 10 tones or 11 tones. If you want to buy more, there are in fact, like 15 tones, which are also available in China.

Today’s knowledge about ethereal drums is shared with you. If you want to get more knowledge about ethereal drums, thumb pianos,

and hand discs, welcome to visit the official website of   Hluru Musical Instruments and master your own music knowledge together.


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