HLURU combination black walnut 21keys wah-wah kalimba
HLURU combination black walnut 21keys wah-wah kalimba
HLURU combination black walnut 21keys wah-wah kalimba

F3 G3 A3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5 B5 C6 D6 E6.

Warm timbre
Very balanced Moderate sustain
Lots of tuned overtones.

As the saying: "The plate kalimba is more pronounced than the box kalimba, but the volume is much smaller than the box kalimba",HLURU engineers embedded the plate kalimba design on a resonating cabinet to get more volume and retain the rich tone of the plate kalimba, which was patented in the US(Patent No.: US D940230 S) and The EU(Patent No.: 008311799-0007).Meanwhile, hluru engineers have made three round holes in the left and right sides of the resonator box, which can produce a wonderful and magical "WA" sound when played by palm control.
Patent Certificate
US Patent No:US D940230 S          EU Patent NO:008311799-0007
Chase the melodies in the nature
Precious sound flows through the heart
Kalimba originates from Africa, as a kind of portable musical instrument. Let music accompany you and please your physical and mind.
Hluru creates the high-end Kalimbas via superior American Walnuts to chase the melodies around in the nature.
Series description

Unique patent-Dual-layer side hole
New piano structure design——the combination of cabinet and plate type kalimba.At the same time, it has the ethereal, clear, warm and soft timbre of the plate kalimba.And the box type thumb organ has excellent resonance and overtone performance, and can also play Wow-sound.It has the advantages of both hollow and flat kalimba.

Ecommended for people

This black walnut kalimba is the choice of professional players.

First, it can adapt to the changeable environment and doesn't need to worry about maintenance.

Second, the timbre is warm and thick, and the long continuous sound during performance will bring a higher quality music experience.

The characteristic of wood and timbre

The "tiger grain wood" of American natural black walnut is selected as the vocal body. Compared with other wood, it is more suitable for changeable environment. Its texture is natural and gorgeous and its structure is fine and uniform with strong acoustic plasticity. Using it as the sound body, the timbre is warm and thick, the resonance is stable and excellent, the extension is excellent, and the density is moderate.

Gross Weight

Inner Box Size

Outer Box Size
(20 pcs per carton)


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