"Wuhua Tianbao, Shu countless." Huashu brand is one of the important brands of Shenzhen Luru Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. It inherits the consistent excellent quality of Luru Hluru brand, mature industrial chain and production technology, and excellent The promotion and publicity channel is the leader in the niche musical instrument market in recent years.
      The brand concept stems from the pursuit of high-quality musical instrument products, using the spirit of craftsmanship and a mature production system, aiming to carry forward the traditional Chinese national musical instruments and bring the best musical instrument products to the majority of music lovers.
      Its professional production technology, exquisite production technology, exquisite materials and professional after-sales service have established Huashu's market position in the field of niche musical instruments such as ethereal drums and thumb pianos.
HuaShu lotus drum
HuaShu lotue drum, meet ethereal, just for a better you
HuaShu lotus drum /Huashu Kalimba
HuaShu Klimaba
Huashu original wood color
17 key with armrests  kalimba

HuaShu lotus drum
Huashu Lotus Drum Conventional 15-tone 13-inch D tone


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