HLURU Fall 8 notes wind chime
8 note wind chimes (Spring 8-1)
8 note wind chimes (Summer 8-2)
8 note wind chimes (Autumn 8-3)
8 note wind chimes (Winter 8-4)
Fal 8-3
HLURU Fall 8 notes wind chime

F G A D F A A D.

Low sound
Rich overtones
Long resonance.

It is mainly a musical instrument, which is eight metal rods welded with silver on a metal plate at the bottom, each with a clear tone. Different tones reflect different emotions. Thanks to its natural and elegant design, it can also be used as a kind of artwork for home decoration. HLURU's precise tuning technology creates a clear tone rich in overtones. Also innovatively designed according to the scene 2 kinds of interchangeable wind pendulum, used when hand-cranking and hanging, this design we are applying for patent protection.
High-quality wind chimes, made by Hluru
Hluru is a pioneer in the wind chimes industry. We insists on only making high-quality wind chimes and selecting high-quality raw materials. After manual craftsmanship and attention to detail processing, it has won the trust and recognition of consumers with excellent quality, and has become one of the excellent wind chimes manufacturers in the industry.
Selected bamboo and metal resonance disk

Natural bamboo is used to make the resonating box of the wind chimes, Make the resonance more adequate.

Using alloy technology, silver-containing metal precision welding, make the sound tone clear and pleasant。
Recommended for people

Nature creates everything, the sunlight scatters, the breeze brushes, with the natural rhyme to heal the body and mind forget.
Hluru series chord wind chimes, lightly start the song of nature, listen to whisper of the wind

Series description

The four seasons are whispering, the light breeze brushes through the mountains and rivers of heaven and earth, watching over the beauty of them,Eight tone four seasons series should be transported to different rhythms, spring, summer, autumn and winter beautiful things - wind and clouds singing snow, sounding the beautiful melody of the rotation of the four seasons, clear tone slow song to listen to the beauty of the four seasons, purify the heart, peace of mind, listen and forget about worry.

Spr 8-1 Scale:E F G C E G G C.
Sum 8-2 Scale:E A B C E B A C. Fal 8-3 Scale:F G A D F A A D. Win 8-4 Scale:F G A D F A A D.

Gross Weight

Inner Box Size

Outer Box Size
(40 pcs per carton)


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