Handpan is a new percussion instrument. It is known as the instrument with the highest vibration frequency on the earth. However, the timbre of handpan has amazing charm beyond its appearance. It can send out melodious music full of exotic customs with a gentle blow. Its rich and ethereal sound characteristics are sought after by a wide range of lovers. Its unique Helmholtz resonator principle is its secret weapon for melodious sound. Coupled with foreign advanced boundless tuning technology, it is the key to ensure its timbre. It is mainly applicable to meditation, music healing and so on.
Handpan as a percussion instrument is made of two hemispherical steel molds combined through nitriding, the shape is like a UFO. Music played on a handpan has an affective, resonant quality that some say sounds ethereal or even haunting. As a musical instrument, they are accessible to those just learning music, but versatile and complex enough to challenge and inspire even the most accomplished musicians.

Handpan Brand
Intoxicate the soul and enjoy the world of hand-dish
HG10 / HB10 /HB9
HLURU B series rubber-edge
10 notes blue handpan
HLURU  A series golden edge
10 notes spiral handpan
HLURU  A Series golden edge
10 notes gray handpan


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